Monday, August 17, 2015

Thai girl named Kannika Chaiyasarn insult Himani

 Himani was born in India the daughter of Raja Bikram Singh of Sikar and Rani Bipula Singh (née Kumari Bipula Singh of Bajhang and she is from the royal family of Sikar state in Rajasthan. She is a Surya Vanshi - Shekhawat Rajput.
Himani married Paras, ousted Crown Prince of Nepal on 25 January 2000. Her husband was appointed Crown Prince of Nepal on October 26, 2001, meaning she became the Crown Princess amidst various royal protocols. They have three children.

 Himani Sahais also the Chairperson of Himani Trust.The Himani Trust was established in 2010 with the objective to improve the standard of living of women, youth, children and senior citizens of Nepal.
It aims to improve living conditions of rural population in the country by becoming a medium and availing access to achieve better health, education, and social development in order to provide opportunities for a better future.
The Trust is a service oriented and a non-profit organization. It has been established with noble objectives to provide social services.

 It commits to promote spiritual, health, education, social and economic development. The Trust welcomes support of any kind from individuals, organizations, corporations who care to offer social services that complement our principles and ideologies.

The Trust is solely social in nature and believes in transparency. It does not offer direct financial assistant to individuals or organizations.

In order to achieve our objectives utilizing local resources and working in close relations with the community, The Himani Trust focuses its work areas in the following sectors for the betterment of the disadvantaged community at large.

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